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verwijzerWhat Oog can offer
Our practice offers several treatment options in English for children, parents, adults and couples. For more information about treatments and other services we offer to different groups of clients, please look at our different departments.

In our practice we work with different therapeutic models (e.g. solution focused therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy, EMDR, systemic therapy, integrative therapy). We choose the approach that we expect to work best for the client’s leading question. In many cases a combination of treatment methods is used.

Oog for child and family
In our team for child and family a lot of disciplines work together; a clinical psychologist, remedial educationalists, GZ-psychologists, systemic therapists and psychological assistants.

Psychological assessment in Dutch is one of our special areas of expertise.
In English we cannot offer a broad range of assessment services yet. What we can do, however, is sit down with the parents and their child and assess the need for psychodiagnostics. We will do our best to accommodate them. We might be able to refer to another professional or we can do (part of) the assessment ourselves. In some situations we might come up with an alternative plan to help the parents and their child move forward.
The assessment is often focused on developmental disorders like ADHD and autisme. We don’t offer specific assessment of learning disorders like dyslexia.

Our department Oog for Child and Family offers individual therapy and support to children, adolescents and parents for a variety of leading questions. No group trainings are offered in English yet. We will gladly extend our services in English if there is sufficient demand.

Oog for adults
In our department Oog for adults, psychologists (clinical, GZ, elementary) work together with couples therapists and systemic therapists. We offer individual and couples therapy. We also help ex-partners to create a good working relation as parents after the breakup. The department Oog for adults prefers a short and solution focused approach.

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