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Psychology practice Oog is a group practice for psychological services, trainings and psychological assessment (primarily with children). Our practice has three departments.The practice is divided into several sections: Child & Family, Adults and growth.

• The department “Oog for Child and Family” offers generalist basic mental health care and specialist mental health care consisting of extensive psychological testing and different forms of treatment to children from 4 to 18 and their parents.

• The department “Oog for Adults” provides primary generalist basic mental health care. The emphasis is on short-term, solution-oriented approach and screening psychological assessment of adults 18 years and older.

• The department “Oog for Growth” is in development. Within this section provides practical guidance to children, adults, but also to professionals and teams who need personal growth. Think of relationtherapy, intelligence research & coaching.

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Psychology Practice Oog
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5616 GS Eindhoven
040 – 213 64 61
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