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We offer several treatment options in English. At the moment, our groups, such as mindfulness or our group for young adults, are only available in Dutch. If you are interested in an English group to be set up, please contact the practice.



Individual Therapy

Target group



Individual therapy is done with you alone. You will have conversations with your psychologist concerning your experiences in your current situation, as well as what you would like to change about it. If necessary, we will determine the origins of certain problems and situations. Based on these findings, we will set goals together and look at what is needed to achieve them. We utilize different methodic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution targeted therapy, EMDR and client targeted therapy.

Practical information

The treatment will take place at Bogert 10 or at an external health center in your vicinity. The appointments are made by your therapist in consultation with you.


In most cases, these treatments are compensated for through your health care insurance. Whether this applies to you depends on the insurance company you are with, as well as on your referral.

Signing up

We prefer that you sign up via our website. If you want to be eligible for cost compensation/reimbursement, a referral by your GP is a necessity.


Couples or family therapy

Target group

People that experience problems in the partner relationship or family interactions.


We start by mapping how different family members or how you as a couple experience the situation. Thereafter, we search for things that you all want to change, set corresponding goals and work on these.

Practical information

This therapy will take place at one of our main locations Bogert 10. Appointments are made with your consultation.


In 2015, there still is reimbursement of costs for couples therapy from the supplementary insurances. However, compensation/reimbursements from the base insurance is not possible. A referral from your GP is therefore not sufficient to be eligible for cost compensation/reimbursement. You can consult your insurance agent whether you are covered for this type of treatment.

The costs for couples therapy are 105,00 euros per hour, 45 min of which is the duration of the conversation, and 15 min of which is used for the preparation and processing of the conversations by your therapist.

Signing up

We prefer that you sign up via our website. It is important that you emphasize that your application is for relationship therapy.


Relationship Check up

Target group

All couples that have the desire to reflect on their relationship and to strive for a stronger bond.


Loving relationships are the basis for stable families, a healthier society as well as a dignified future for us all.

How close are you to your significant other? Is your relationship a place in which you feel safe and free, where you feel seen and supported emotionally? Where there is mutual trust. Intimacy, happiness, together, for and with one another.

We all have sensitivities that spring from our temperament, our personal history and experiences in the relationship.

We cannot love without hurting and being hurt by our significant others. It is about how we deal with these things. Small happenings can have major impacts.

We can suddenly step into a negative spiral and uphold it without meaning to. Every pair has its own devilish dialogue and creates its own dance.

The one says: My feelings don’t matter to you. I yell for a response, every kind of response is better than the silence. I don’t matter to you.

The other says: I can never do right with you. I can seem to keep you happy. I give up and retreat. I want to avoid arguments, am trying to keep it calm. I fail. I attempt to repair but it isn’t working.

How do we get out of this dialogue and spiral, that can hurt us so much and brings nothing but separation? And also: what connects the two of us?

How conscious do you share the moments of togetherness? Moments you cherish and that, when relived, fill you with a warm sense of security.

Within 3 therapy appointments, we together can find out the steps to your personal dance. That in those moments it is not your significant other, but the dance itself, that is your enemy.

The relationship Check up is based on the EFT method of Emotion Focused Therapy.

Practical information

The relationship Check up consists of three sessions of 75 minutes.


There is no reimbursement available for this therapy. The costs are 375 euro’s.

Signing up

We prefer that you sign up via our website. It is important that you emphasize that your application is for relation Check up.


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