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    Terms and conditions We would like to bring some important topics concerning our terms and conditions to your attention.

    Privacy rules

    Our practice has a specific set of rules concerning your privacy. We will handle sensitive information with the utmost care, and will in no cases share this information with third parties without your consent. We can however, in exceptional cases, (for example, when it concerns the safety of you or others) wave from these rules. The rights and duties of clients have been recorded under Dutch Law in the “Wet op de Geneeskundige Behandelovereenkomst”. For more information, please follow this link.
  • Complaints regulation

    Our practice has a protocol by which complaints are handled. If anything has not gone well, or if there is something you are not satisfied with, we would appreciate it if you would address such a matter with your direct person of contact of our practice. If the matter cannot be resolved by meeting with your direct person of contact, you may file an official complaint. Your complaint will then be processed by either the head of the corresponding department or the management board. Either one of these instances will contact you concerning your complaint. Together with you, they will look to find a solution that will lead to your satisfaction. A complaint form can be found on our webpage, or you can ask for one by calling us. If your complaint cannot be processed satisfactorily via our complaint procedure, another option is filing a complaint with the external complaints commission of our professional association.
  • Compensation

    The services provided by Psychology Practice Oog falls within the compensated healthcare of your basic healthinsurance (adults) or your local municipality (children and those aged under 18). To be eligible for this, you have to be in possession of a valid referral (for example, one given out by your General Practitioner). The costs of the healthcare provided by Psychology Practice Oog will in this case be billed to your insurance company or municipality. When you, after an initial intake, decide not to start with treatment, the costs of this intake will be billed to your insurance company or municipality. The specific compensation can differ for the various types of treatment offered. We offer both General mental health Care (in Dutch: ‘Generalistische basis GGZ’ abbreviated as GBGGZ) and Specialized mental health care (in Dutch: ‘Specialistische GGZ ‘ abbreviated as SGGZ). Which type of compensation applies to you depends on the situation you are in, and will in most cases be determined by your referrer. When this decision is not made clear on the referral itself, we will contemplate with both you and your referrer for which type of compensation you are eligible. Read the terms of your insurance policy to get to know more about the specific rules concerning compensation for GBGGZ and SGGZ, as well as the influence of these treatments on your deductibles. There is no influence on your deductibles concerning compensation of treatment costs for children and those under 18 that are billed to your municipality. For clients that are treated via “ketenzorgprogramma’s” there are different rules and regulations. Pozob does affect your deductibles and DOH doesnt. Whether or not you are eligible for a “ketenzorgprogramma” is a matter to take up with your General Practitioner.
  • Cancellation

    If, for any reason, you are unable to attend your appointment, you can cancel the appointment up to one full day (24 hours) before your appointment commences. In order to do so you may call the practice, leave a voice-mail, send an e-mail or cancel your appointment via the webpage. A cancellation via e-mail is only legitimate after receiving an e-mail of confirmation from Psychology Practice Oog. An appointment that has been cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be billed to you. The costs of such an event are 90 euros, and cannot be reclaimed via your insurance company/municipality, you will therefore have to pay for this yourself. Illness of you/your child, traffic complications, forgetting an appointment and other unexpected happenings are, how understandable they may be, no legitimate reason to cancel your appointment free of aforementioned charge. Cancellations outside office hours may be submitted via the webpage and/or by leaving a voice-mail.
  • Consultation

    When you are referred to our practice, your referrer will write a letter including the reason of the referral. We will always contact your referrer at the start of treatment, to inform him/her of the fact that a first intake has taken place. Upon the end on your treatment we will inform your referrer of the results that you have had. In some cases we will also discuss the progress of your treatment during the course of its duration with your General Practitioner/referrer.
    Your psychologist may consult other professionals about your treatment. In most cases this concerns consulting a specialist in a certain field of psychology or medical field. This is always an anonymous consultation; your psychologist will not communicate your name or birth date.
  • Assesments

    During your treatment you will be asked to (for example at the start as well as the end of your treatment) assess the effects of your treatment. Also, we value your opinion and satisfaction concerning Psychology Practice Oog in general, about which we will be asking you after our treatment course. We kindly ask for your cooperation during these assessments.
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