volwassen1Problems we can help you with:

Some examples of problems or questions we can help you with:
• behavioral problems (e.g. aggression, restlessness, nervousness)
• problems in relations and contact with other people
• anxiety, insecurity
• feelings of apathy or depression
• psychological problems related to physical illness
• unexplained physical symptoms
• dealing with traumatic experiences
• relationship problems
• communication problems or conflicts within the family
• psychological problems related to being overweight
• obsessive thoughts, excessive worrying
• problems resulting from having a different cultural background
• conflicts at work
• study problems
• identity problems
• sexual problems

It is possible you need more or different help which we cannot offer in our practice. If that is the case, we will work together with your family doctor/GP to refer you to a different practice or institution.

Additionally, we are not equipped to handle emergencies. In case of an emergency we advise you to contact your family doctor/GP or, outside office hours, your local central family practice (centrale huisartsenpost).


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