Psychology Practice Oog is a general practice in the areas of psychology and pedagogy. We offer services to children, adolescents, parents and adults in three separate departments:

• The department Oog for Adults offers mainly generalist basic mental health care for those aged 18 and above. The main point of attention is on short-term therapy and psychodiagnostic screening.

• The department Oog for Child and Family offers both generalist basic and specialist mental health care for children (age 4-18) and their parents, consisting of diagnostics and several treatment options.

• The department Oog for Growth is a relatively new department that offers individual and group services by means of training courses and seminars for children, parents, other healthcare professionals, employees and teams who are interested in personal growth.

The quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients are top priority for our practice. Therefore, we continue to invest in the quality of our staff, services and organization


Managing board
Caro Goudriaan
Gieke Buur

Team oog for adults
Laura Velzeboer, GZ psychologist (BIG), primary care psychologist, behavioral therapist, psychotherapist trainee
Mieke Emmen, GZ psychologist (BIG), primary care psychologist
Ton Kuijpers, clinical psychologist (BIG)
Fieke van Barneveld, GZ psychologist (BIG)
Rosalien Koemans, GZ psychologist trainee, Oog for Stratum
Marielle van de Rijt, psychologistFieke van Barneveld, GZ psychologist (BIG)
Ester Klein Gunnewiek, GZ psychologist
Rosita van Schadewijk, psychologist
Lisa Mensink, psychologist
Lieke Schmitz, psychologist
Lieke Dennissen, GZ psychologist

Team oog for child and family
Geertrui Gardeyn, GZ psychologist (BIG)
Mariska de Wolf, remedial educationalist, GZ psychologist (BIG)
Dieuwertje Derijck, remedial educationalist, GZ psychologist trainee,
Yvonne Daemen, psychologist
Lonneke Louwers-Bisschops, remedial educationalist, psychodiagnostics
Lieke Theunissen, psychologist, psychodiagnostics
Paula Peters, remedial educationalist, psychodiagnostics
Lotte Herwig, psychologist, playtherapist
Carien Hogenkamp, playtherapist
Geert Korsten, systemic therapist
Michou van Amelsvoort, remedial educationalist, psychodiagnostics
Mieke Basten, GZ psychologist
Bente Otermann, psychologist
Lonneke Spierings, remedial educationalist
Pieter Dujardin, Psychodiagnostic employee
Paul Kroon, GZ psychologist
Nanda Brochard, psychologist
Jacqueline Sewalt, systemic therapist

Client desk and administrative services
Anne Bonnier
Christel Extra
Marloes Hogenkamp
Ghislaine Bannenberg


Psychology Practice Oog
Strijpsestraat 82
5616 GS Eindhoven
040 – 213 64 61
Available: mon. to fri.
from 9:00 – 17:00


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