Integrity and privacy

oogWhen seeing a psychologist, it is extremely important you can trust him or her to do his/her utmost to help you and put your interests first. Therefore trust and competence are important qualities of our services.

Second opinion
As a client you can ask for a second opinion elsewhere. The psychologist can ask for a second opinion as well. This will be discussed openly with the client.

Legal obligations
By law we have to abide by certain regulations concerning medical treatment. Unfortunately, no English version of these regulations is available. Some important subjects and the manner whereby our practice carries them out will be discussed in client rights and obligations.

Client obligations
Information: A client has to inform his therapist about his situation and all other information that might be relevant, to the best of his/her knowledge. This means we trust our clients will provide us with all the important and helpful information. If information is withheld, it might compromise the effect of treatment.

• Cooperation: A client should cooperate with his or her therapist and follow the given advice as much as possible.

• Payment: Every client pays for the services rendered (in most cases through the health insurance company).

Client rights
Informed consent: A client has the right to be informed about his/her treatment and practice regulations.
The client has to approve the treatment and is invited to discuss it.

• Access to personal files: A client has the right to access his/her file. Some limitations apply.

• Archive period: The paper file will be stored for 15 years.

• Privacy: A client has the right to privacy protection.


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