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kind3Welcome! Here you can find answers to the following questions: What is a psychologist? Why do some children go to a psychologist? How does it work?

Most children of your age do not think about going to a psychologist. Perhaps you don’t think it is a good idea at all! A psychologist or therapist is used to talking to children. Most psychologists who work here are women, but men work here as well. They will talk to you about the things that go well and make you happy in your life. All people have good things to talk about! They will also talk with you about things that you find a little difficult, like making new friends or getting used to daddy’s new girlfriend. They try to help you with these things. Daddy and mummy will also talk to the psychologist. Together they will look for ways to help you best.

When do you see a psychologist?
Not all children go to a psychologist. When is it necessary to go? Sometimes things happen in your life that are hard to understand. For example, when daddy and mummy are going to divorce. Other children have problems making friends, falling asleep or playing with other children. If you and your parents want your life to be a little better, a psychologist might help. A psychologist will work with you to find out what you and daddy and mummy can do to make things better and to make it easier for you to deal with problems that bother you.

How does it work?
First daddy and mummy talk, then it’s your turn. During that first meeting you will probably play a game or draw something. Sometimes you can see the psychologist alone, sometimes with your parents and sometimes you can join a group of other kids. If you are in a group, all children in that group share the same difficulties or experiences as you. Together you can practice things you find hard, or talk or act things out that have happened. Most children like going to a psychologist because they listen to you very well and try to help you to make your life nicer and better.


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