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ouderWhen parents register their child with our practice, they are usually worrying a lot about their child. Asking a psychologist to help is a big step for many parents. Here you can read how our services are organized. We hope we can assist you in making a decision.

When can a psychologist help?
Psychology practice Oog offers a broad range of treatment options for children from the age of 4 (approximately). Children who are signed in for our services have all kinds of problems, like difficulty making or keeping friends, temper tantrums, anxiety, being bullied or being a bully and concentration problems. We also see children who have had traumatic experiences, like victims of (sexual) abuse, children of divorced parents and children who have experienced loss.

Application procedure
You can register your child by phone or through our website Once you have registered we will give you an approximate waiting time.

• Intake: During this first visit we will look at you/your child’s leading question and at what you would like to see changed as a result of our assistance.

• Treatment plan: At the end of the intake, your therapist and you will draw up a treatment plan. This treatment plan contains treatment goals and the method that will be used to reach those goals.

• Treatment: Our practice offers individual therapy and family therapy in English. Group trainings are not available in English yet. If you would like to have more information about the treatment options, you can click the corresponding button on the left.

• Evaluation: Depending on the duration of treatment, there will be a mid-term evaluation. There will always be an evaluation at the end of treatment; together we will look at the treatment goals and if we have succeeded in reaching them.

• Conclusion: Our practice strives for short treatments. We are confident in the strengths of all children and parents who ask for our help. That is why we believe the moment when you feel you can stand on your own feet again will come soon.


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