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puberWelcome! Here you can read more about our psychology practice. We have tried to explain a few things so that you know more about what a psychologist is and when you can visit one. You can also read about how to apply.

I don’t want my parents to know
If you are fifteen years of age or younger, it is mandatory for the psychologist to ask both parents for permission to help you. If one or both of your parents don’t give permission, we usually cannot help you very well. When you are sixteen or older, you can register yourself and it is up to you to decide if you want to get your parents involved. If you really don’t want your parents to know that you are looking for help, please talk to someone you trust at school. This can be a teacher, confidant(e) or school social worker.

What is a psychologist?
A psychologist or therapist is someone who is used to talking to children, adolescents and their parents. A psychologist is someone you can talk to in private. This means that the psychologist is not allowed to talk to other people about you. An exception to this rule is when you tell them about things that are dangerous to yourself or others. The psychologist will then discuss with you why it is important that others (for example your family doctor/GP) know about this. They never talk to others about you without you knowing about it.

When can a psychologist help?
Most of the time you visit a psychologist when things in your life are not going well. You might be often scared, get into a fight easily or feel very lonely. It could also be that you’ve been through something very unpleasant, for example you have been bullied severely or you’ve been in a very scary accident. Together with you and your parents, a psychologist tries to look at what you and other important people in your life can do to make your life nicer.

How does it work?
Application: Your family doctor/GP will write a referral letter. Then you can apply to our practice. If you are under sixteen, your parents have to give permission for your application.

• Intake: When you come for the first time, we have an initial examination chat. We will talk about what bothers you and what you would like to see changed in your life. Sometimes we talk to your parents first or sometimes you and your parents come together for the first visit.

• Treatment plan: At the end of this first visit we make a plan about how we are going to help you. For example the plan can be that you and/or your parents have a few sessions with a psychologist, or that you will join a group of children of your age to work on the things you want to learn. A plan is made together with you and your parents. We look at what you want and at what we think can help you.

• Parents/guardians: The people you live with play an important role in your life. That’s why we think it is important that they are involved in making the treatment plan; even if your parents are separated.

• Conclusion: We have a lot of confidence in the strengths of all the children and parents who ask for our help. That is why we believe that the moment when you feel you can go along without our help will come soon.


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